Doing as you please: a woman's journey and thoughts about art, social politics, form, function and the pursuit of happiness.

Bio: Doing as you please: a woman's journey and thoughts about art, social politics, form, function and the pursuit of happiness ... Naomi Radunski is a writer and visual artist. Born in central Africa, she now lives on the east coast of Australia; she has been traveling all her life – always looking for a home, finding one, then moving on. Naomi has traveled on every continent except South America. She has loved and been loved, endured a post-grad education, and still considers herself an autodidact. This blog is her thought-summary in long and short form, poetry, prose, polemic and painting. It is a red flag to the idea of ‘doing as you please’ (see more below.) If it works well, the blog may give mind-candy to other women who do as they please, or would like to – and to the men who love or like them. Of her life journey, Naomi's family has said: "You've always done exactly as you please, so don't complain". From which we deduce that doing as you please means bad things will happen and it will all be your own fault... To this argument with them and with herself, Naomi responds: "But isn't that the case anyway? Shit happens whether you play by the rules, or you don't – the difference is, if you ignore the rules nobody feels sorry for you when there's a curveball." What is a curveball? Once when we were small my brother needed to test Father's golf clubs ... He had me set the ball on the tee and before I'd even got it teetering there, he took a swipe. The club hit me square skullwise; the blood poured as it will from head wounds and rushed through my very long curls to drip down my shirt and legs ... Was that a curveball? If yes, then the wound was surely less dangerous than it looked. Such wounds follow one through life - though someone else might have told their brother to stick his own ball on the tee! As it was we both got into the sort of trouble parents mete out when they're terribly frightened: they yell at you, possibly even take a swipe at you. Humans!"

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