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Notes for living: Numbers 1003 – 1012, inclusive

Notes to Us – July 4th.
Eat cheese, I say. Eat bread and cheese.  Bake your own bread one day – contact me for a recipe that always works!
Find a beach, sit by that awhile.
Early in the morning … remember to lie still and listen for the bird who calls in the dawn with two notes.
Tell that person you love them – and how somewhere you will always love them.
Look at your work and tell yourself it’s good – has improved – is improving.
Leave some weeds where they are, so you can see how their flowers look.
Grow your actual crops from seed. Let some flower, fruit, seed and die back. Wait for next season. Watch.
Look closely at how an animal’s fur grows – especially on a horse’s forehead.
Always choose a window seat in the ‘plane.